of the Colfax Rancheria

Picture above taken by Steve Prout near the former Rancheria site at the Bear River.

The aboriginal peoples of the great Sierra Nevada mountains have lived here for thousands of years. Living peacefully in unique harmony within the great waters and majestic mountains, hills and valleys of the area.

As early as 1858, the US Government began signing treaties with the indians of the area through Chief Weimar. In the 1905 Kelsey Census, over seventy indians lived in or around the Colfax/Todds Valley area. In 1915 the US Government purchased Rancheria land in Colfax to provide for the homeless indians. However by 1966, against letters of protest by the indians, the Government sold the land which was the Colfax Rancheria and the indians of the area were wrongfully terminated under Congress's newly created and implemented "California Rancheria Act" of 1958.

The Colfax Todds Valley Consolidated Tribe is comprised of generations of people who were born of Miwok and Maidu (Nisenan) blood. We come from generations of ancestors who lived in the Colfax/Foresthill (Todds Valley area). It is our hope to some day become "Federally Recognized" so that we may receive benefits for our people that are currently unavailable to us.

It is through Government asssitance that we may again obtain a land base for the Tribe, as well as health care assistance, housing, educational opportunites, and a self-sustaining outlook for our younger generations.

We are currently maintaining our culture and traditions with help from our Non-Profit organization; the Todds Valley Miwok Maidu Cultural Association located in Foresthill. Bark houses were erected, and a ceremonial roundhouse is being constructed so that we may celebrate and honor our traditions from the past and for the future generations.


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